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Math Pollinator Camp an Enrichment Opportunity

Math Pollinator Camp an Enrichment Opportunity

The Intermediate Math Pollinator Camp combined mathematics, science, and reading to foster a deep understanding of various subjects while promoting environmental stewardship and community engagement. Through hands-on activities, students explored concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, area, perimeter, fractions, graphing, and money within the context of creating and maintaining a pollinator garden. Other experiences include guest speakers from the UK 4-H Extension Office, as well as community projects such as Earth Day's Global Cleanup.

By actively participating in the camp, students enhanced their academic skills and contribute to the promotion of biodiversity within our community. As our garden flourished, it will serve as a habitat for native species, leading to increased biological control of "pest" insects and fostering a healthier ecosystem.

Moreover, the camp offered an opportunity for students to develop a sense of belonging and community within our diverse school population. Through collaborative projects and shared experiences, participants forged connections with their peers and gained a deeper appreciation for the importance of teamwork and inclusivity.  

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