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NTI Days

With a nontraditional instruction (NTI) day, school buildings are closed but students participate in learning at home. It counts as a school day and does not need to be made up or added to the calendar. Students use their Chromebooks to complete lessons virtually. Class assignments, teachers’ office hours, Zoom links, etc. are available online. Please reach out to the teacher via email for support.

  • Do not come to school on NTI days. There will  be no one in the office.
  • Students should log into Google Classroom to complete work. 
  • Students will have three days to turn in assignments upon returning to school .
  • Teachers will be available via Zoom for questions or assistance between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. (Teacher Zoom Links Below)
  • Families requiring a Hot Spot may contact the school prior to NTI days for assistance.

Care of Chromebooks

Students are responsible for taking good care of their Chromebooks. 

  • Please,  no eating or drinking around your device.
  • Store your Chromebook in a safe place.
  • Be gentle -- no banging on it, throwing it, or dropping it.
  • Do not lend your Chromebook to anyone else.
  • Be a responsible digital citizen.
  • Bring your Chromebook back to school.

District Resources: 

Tech Support 

Help Desk: (859) 381-HELP (4357)

FCPS Weather Guidelines

Teacher Email Zoom Link for Teacher: Zoom Meeting ID & Passcode Google Classroom Invite and Class Code
Early Start      
Kisha Dicks      
Katie Baber Baber Meeting ID: 955 5355 5130 Password: baber1234 u4rgg3s
Sissy Brown Brown Meeting ID: 912 9177 2072 Passcode: 291712  
Morgan Chaney Chaney Meeting ID: 7665080408 Passcode:778993  
Tomico Hohensee Hohensee 2127321322/No passcode Google Classroom
Morgan Vest Vest   zh47acq
1st Grade      
Eyram Akakpo Akakpo   Google Classroom (5hmxfyw)
Melissa Cupp Cupp   Google Classroom (xgrxpta)
Lindsey Haddix Haddix   Google Classroom
Adrienne Harmon Harmon   Google Classroom 52pstmg
Krista Mayfield Mayfield   Google Classroom x5ljeql
2nd Grade      
Elliott Allen Allen 7UQt9F 293 845 1772
Hannah Hughes Hughes hughes vuesqvv
Brandi Martha Martha Meeting ID: 928 808 3880 Passcode: martha  
Rachel Stone Stone tgnjvhy
Margaret Tanck Tanck tanck  
3rd Grade      
Jon Eppley Eppley Meeting ID: 925 3265 7574  
Cathi Harman Harman   hpzxiek
Michaela Parker Parker   Google Classroom m5dwui7
Shaleigha Richard Richard Meeting ID: 205 170 5618 Password: apple  
4th Grade      
Heather Chapman Chapman 928 2676 5070 chapman Google Classroom psymvsri
Bridget McCaw McCaw 823 200 02324 Google Classroom vuyfofh
Rachael Piazza Piazza 619 391 7526 Google Classroom
Ashley Wilson Wilson 954 5215 0581 Passcode: Wilson Google Classroom
5th Grade      
Sherry Botts Botts 925 7702 1775 Botts icsji5y
Alena Claycomb Claycomb    
Sarah Marchegion Marchegion    
Lindsay Smith Smith   f22oyhm
Special Area      
Freddie Brassfield Brassfield Meeting ID: 921 3125 3306 No Passcode  
Jessie Fletcher Fletcher   K-2 3-5
Kelsey Hartline Hartline 91881 K&1- bai9513, 2- 4jglafr, 3- ixbuso3, 4- bgjvc5z, 5- 4a2wyeg
Callie Manor Manor Meeting ID: 959 7071 8873 No password required  
Jessica Milburn Milburn    
Katie Rafferty Rafferty    
Kelly Diamond      
Ben McWhorter      
Special Education      
Kelda Golden Golden Meeting ID: 939 269 0707 Passcode: Goldfish  
Kaitlyn Ball Ball    
Rose Lefevers Lefevers    
Thomas Hall Hall   Google Classroom
Angela Schuman Schuman   Google Classroom
Carol Hyatt Hyatt    
Susan Thomas Thomas    
Emily Roberts Roberts    
Megan Mays Mays    
Saralynn Kingsolver Kingsolver    
Elizabeth Tremoulis Tremoulis    
Natalie O'Dea O'Dea   3rd: bgp7ndu 1st: hjc7gaa newcomer: m3f6qbj
Kathy McDonald McDonald   1st Grade
      5th Grade
Peggy Hayes Hayes    
Debbie Hill Hill    
Jennifer Nichols Nichols    
Naema Shalash Shalash    
Kristin Stout Stout    
Student Support      
Christie Fann      
Brenda Adams Adams    
Da'Keisha Stevenson Stevenson   NA
Josh Owsley      
Gifted and Talented      
Ginny Dellinger Dellinger   Dellinger